Induction Heater, Bearing Heaters, Hydraulic CTRB Extractor & Puller Manufacturer & Exporter in Mumbai, Thane, Vasai, INDIA
Precision Induction Heater is specially designed (by ISO certified company Precision Instrument & Allieds) for mounting & dismounting the Roller Bearings, pinions, gears or other component fitted on axle shaft of machine or motors using latest technology intelligent microcontroller based electronic controls. The principle of induction heating is “When Alternating Current flows through a coil wound around a component; it creates an oscillating magnetic field, which includes current in the component. The magnetic field takes the path of least resistance and also due to the skin effect; the outer periphery of the component gets heated more rapidly than the core.”

Precision has innovated the products for maximum utility and higher capacity with same products. The automated Roll Sliding Arrangement & Remote Control facility has extended the flexibility on utility of the product. The hydraulic equipment trolley is so designed that it provides better workmanship in industries as the products are heavy for management manually.

Induction Heater
 Induction Heater PIH: 2000 (2.0 / 2.6  KVA)  Induction Heater PIH: 2001 (3.5 / 4.0  KVA)  Induction Heater PIH: 2001 Special (3.6 /4.6  KVA)
 Induction Heater PIH: 2002 (6.0 / 8.0 KVA)  Induction Heater PIH: 2002 Special (4.6 / 6.0 KVA)  Tyre Induction heater PIH: 2003 (11 / 16 KVA)
 Induction Heater 2003 Special (10.5 / 11 KVA) Induction Heater PIH: 2004 (25 / 40 KVA) Induction Heater PIR: (25 / 40 / 60 KVA)
 Tyre Induction heater PIH: 2005 (60 /  127 KVA)    
Hydraulic puller
 Hydraulic Puller  Hydraulic Puller with Separate Hand Pump  Hydraulic Puller with Inbuilt Pump & Separator
 Hydraulic Puller with Inbuilt Pump  Hydraulic Bearing Pullers  
Hydraulic Products
 Hydraulic Bearing Equipment Series : PIE 1001  Hydraulic Power Pack  Drum Lifter cum Tilter
 Hydraulic Bearing Extractor Series : BWT  Hydraulic ACDC Stackers  Hydraulic Stackers
 Hydraulic press  Hydraulic Pallet Truck  Hydraulic ACDC Stackers
 Hydraulic High Pressure Valves  Motorised High Pressure Extractor   Bearing Fitting Tool Kit
 Hydraulic Scissor lift    
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